Aluminums Role in the City of Dallas


Aluminum is found in soda cans and in cars. It’s a versatile metal in many respects, and that extends far enough that it is a useful part of home improvement and building. First, aluminum’s strength is particularly suited to supporting glass and it can be shaped relatively easily, making it an appropriate choice for some of the more precise metal features of a home such as window sills.

Aluminum framing for any feature of the household is a good long-term prospect, due to its famed abilities to color match with what it should be relative to the (other) building materials around it. Although the metal is strong, it is pliable both in a welding sense and a holistic sense.


This extends to its role in “green living”. Aluminum is one of the most easily recycled metals and building materials to date, and has no comparison in that regard that also shares its other positive qualities. Like the soda cans that are made with it, house-bound aluminum will last long beyond its point of use, and provide a building material that can be used without worry of long-term viability.

However, aluminum is not scalable to an existing project very easily. The same advantages that make its use in precision projects viable mean that it is difficult to force two previously-finished pieces of aluminum together. When adding aluminum parts to an existing project, the aluminum, more than any other type of building material, must be molded to what will exist around it.

As a material for building small-scale projects such as houses, aluminum is not always suitable compared to concrete, which provides stability and traps heat better than metals. A rule of thumb is that in cases where steel is used, aluminum can often be carefully substituted for a result that is more bio-degradable, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing. For example, commonly used aluminum diamond plates are found for both its non-slip properties as well as for aesthetically; you can learn more about them from SizeMetal.

Aluminum’s natural properties allow it to be hurricane- and storm-resistant, used correctly, and this applies even to personal projects which could employ the metal. Its inherent properties will allow any facet of a building made out of it to enjoy decent protection, assuming general safety advice is followed to begin with.

Although aluminum is still more expensive than steel in many parts of the world, it is affordable enough that anyone building or improving a home for long-term stability and short-term effectiveness should consider using it where possible. The metal is used in most large-scale building projects in the US, such as skyscrapers, and is suitable for projects of all other sizes downward.


Top 10 coolest companies to work for in Dallas

Boasting great barbecue, legendary sports teams, and a booming job market, Dallas is experiencing explosive growth, with no sign of slowing down. That’s great news for companies in this booming metropolitan area, especially the “cool” companies. These are the organizations that appreciate their employees and recognize and reward outstanding performance with the benefits and perks that make workers feel valued. Take a lesson from the top 10 coolest companies to work for in the Dallas area.
Intuit, Inc.
Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax are some of the high-profile products and services of Intuit, Inc. Along with fair compensation and generous bonuses, Intuit offers employees a number of cool and progressive benefits including onsite workout facilities and an employee home loan program.
Self-described as a company that prides itself on “teamwork, entrepreneurism, stewardship, customer service and a commitment to sustainability.” Transwestern is very engaged in supporting great causes such as Susan G. Komen for the cure, for which the Dallas team recently raised nearly $3,500, a very cool and caring thing to do.
YUAndpMCbXk_9hvX4xMDoxOjBzMTt2bJ Improving Enterprises, Inc.
Self professed to be proud to be headquartered in Dallas, Im proving Enterprises is a rapidly growing IT services firm that specializes in software development and advanced technology training. The company also specializes in corporate coolness, which would explain why 100% of all employees who weighed in on Glassdoor would recommend the company to a friend.
she3207ex.91102_mdSheraton Dallas Hotel
When in Dallas, the employees of cool companies probably stay at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, a very cool establishment; a recipient of the AAA four-diamond award for outstanding service, the Sheraton Dallas credits its success to inspired team members. Rewards and recognition are many and varied, including a generous quarterly award for outstanding associates, supervisors, and managers.
Worldwide Express Operations, LLC
With stellar reviews it’s not surprising that the Dallas based package and freight shipping company was recently ranked as the number one company in America for career advancement. With a reputation for setting high standards, demanding hard work, and rewarding performance generously, their advancement program has been described as the “perfect storm for swift upward mobility”.
A leading multinational provider of products and services designed to help other companies with data storage protection and management. The goal of management is to inspire employees to embrace a shared vision of the company’s true goals and objectives. This creates a sense of pride and unity that ultimately gives the company a competitive advantage.
Southwest Search
Employees of the Dallas based staffing firm claim the magic ingredient is how the company treats them on a day-to-day basis. The management philosophy is that employees who are not micro-managed, who enjoy where they work and whom they work with, tend to be better performers. Performance is rewarded in a number of ways, including flexible hours and generous time-off for thepursuit of other passions.

Darling Homes

The winner of numerous awards for quality, design, and customer satisfaction… Along with providing employees ample opportunities for growth and development, Darling is very health aware and has instituted a strong worksite wellness program. Brinker International Along with 100% free food at Chili’s, Brinker employees enjoy all kinds of cool perks including flexible hours, fun company events, an onsite gym, and visits by kids and pets. Work time is spent building relationships in a cool collaborative culture where the CEO is said to know every employees’ name.
Southwest Airlines Co.
With a well-established reputation as the best and largest low-cost carrier on the planet, Southwest Airlines just had to land on the cool list. A company that encourages open communication, seeks input from workers in making corporate decisions, provides great benefits, provides opportunities for advancement, and promotes a fun and challenging work environment with plenty of incentives. Like other great cities in America, Dallas has lots of cool companies that understand the importance of employee appreciation. But this list of standouts should serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for all who desire to take corporate coolness to the next level.